Living With Intention and Confidence

Lifeschool 131: What Causes Sin and How to Stop It

“Just stop it!” doesn’t really work when it comes to changing sinful actions, habits, or thoughts in our lives (or in others). And perhaps what you’ve been taught about sin and repentance is all wrong…

Today on the Lifeschool podcast, we talk about where sin really comes from and how we can move away from our particular brand of sin and find freedom. What if all sin is actually a symptom of something else?

what causes sin

Lifeschool 130: How to Make the Gospel Beautiful and Relatable

Many in our churches have spent years listening to sermons, studying theology and reading the Word of God, yet still feel intimidated or unable to naturally express the good news of the Gospel into normal life, conversations, and circumstances.

Today on the Lifeschool podcast, we’ll give you a proven way to make the gospel beautiful, relatable, and reproducible.

how to make the gospel beautiful

Lifeschool 128: Where Was God During Hurricane Harvey?

Last week saw one of the greatest natural disasters to ever hit America. Thousands of families have lost everything they own, and lives were lost. In times like this it is understandable to wonder, or ask, “Where was God during hurricane Harvey?” In this episode of Lifeschool, we discuss this question and what our response as God’s family might look and sound like when disaster strikes.

We’ll also suggest a way to give financially to help the victims of this horrendous tragedy.

hurricane harvey