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Lifeschool 157: Are You Treating People Like Guests or Like Family?

Someone wearing a name badge smiles, opens the door, and greets you. You’re shown to a seat and given some information. And you wonder, “Why is my sister acting this way at Dad’s house?”

That may be how people act, but in this episode of the Lifeschool Podcast, we ask the question: do the people coming to your church each Sunday, or the folks coming to your home, feel more like guests or like family?

treating people like guests or family

7 Ways to Be a More Generous Person

Generosity Flows From Your Heart Not Your Pocket

Generosity can transform the world. It starts by changing the “giver” and then moves outward to bless others. I want to learn to be a more generous person. Care to join me?

Regardless of your income, if you live in America or most parts of the “western world”, you are living as, and among, some of the wealthiest people in human history. We have access to resources to such a degree that we barely notice anymore. 

Lifeschool 156: Does the Gospel Speak to Mental and Physical Health?

Imagine the pastor addressing your congregation’s growing waistlines from the pulpit. Or your faith community helping you heal your fears and past hurts. Is Christianity only about our spiritual health, or does the Gospel speak to mental and physical health as well?

In this episode of the Lifeschool Podcast, we talk about the beautiful results of having and believing in a more holistic gospel… One that speaks into all of life: mind, body, and soul.

gospel speaks to mental and physical health