These 3 Things Are True Discipleship Killers

Why Most Christians Are Not Making Disciples

For many of us discipleship either conjures up images of a standardized series of classes we once went through, or it’s this mysterious and foggy image of spiritual practices and a knowledge base to be passed on to others. Either way, most Christians just aren’t doing it.

I’m not even saying that these two common images are biblically accurate, but many find themselves stuck personally or in their attempts to get their churches onboard with discipleship.

These May Surprise You

I am not going to get into discipleship tools and steps today, (there are plenty of those all over my site) but I do want to suggest that there are three things that may in fact be lurking behind the lack of discipleship we are currently experiencing.

  1. Love of self. This is a pretty broad category and really has to do with the fact that I have arranged my life, my schedule, my spare time, my family life, my work etc. all in a way that pleases…me. Think through the “sanctified distractions” that may show up in your life and be keeping you from being and making disciples; family drama, parent’s approval, marriage strife, or singles looking for spouses.

You get the idea. Your list may be different, but anything you grasp a hold of and treat as a sacred cow is probably an area you need to talk to Jesus about.

  1. Fear of man. It’s hardwired. Most of us crave the approval of other people or we fear their rejection or disapproval. And often we think the best way to manage this is to avoid people. Or we very selectively let people into our lives and allow even fewer to go deep and really know us. Discipleship is impossible without vulnerability.

You have the perfect approval of a perfect God and have nothing to fear from others. Trust God with “you” and love others. It’s ok.

“Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.” (Proverbs 29:25).

  1. A small Gospel. Many Christians think the gospel is about getting to heaven and avoiding hell. Just say the “Jesus in my heart prayer” and we’re good to go! But the gospel is good news for every area of our life; not just good news about our afterlife. 
    The gospel answers every problem–changes fear to faith and gives us the motivation to submit all of life to the Lordship of Jesus.Click To Tweet

The gospel answers every problem–changes fear to faith and gives us the motivation to submit all of life to the Lordship of Jesus. The Good News sends us out as disciples who make disciples in every area of life too.

God’s Mission Becomes Our Mission

When we begin to love God and others more than ourselves and our comfort, our focus and intentionality changes. God’s mission becomes our mission.

When we truly believe that we have the love and acceptance of a perfect Father who loves us regardless of any performance or lack, we are free to put ourselves out beyond our comfort and trust Him for the results.

When we believe a bigger gospel that encompasses all of life, we see discipleship as something that happens in the normal rhythms of everyday life too. Not an add-on, not a hassle, but a way of life within the scope of God’s eternal plan.

The next best time to radically rethink and reorient our lives around making disciples is now. We don’t have to…but we get to!

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