Lifeschool 122: How to Create a Lifestyle of Discipleship

Is discipleship about gaining knowledge, or is it about a transformed life? Is it a series of classes or, like with Jesus and his pals, was it an all of life kind of a deal? In this episode of Lifeschool, we’re gonna talk about true discipleship and look at what a lifestyle of discipleship looks like when it is all woven into the normal rhythms of your everyday life in community.

how to create a lifestyle of discipleship

What I (Caesar) have found from speaking and training all over the world, and getting a zillion emails, is that the average Christian is looking to move their faith from just a weekly Sunday event, to a daily, vibrant experience in the normal rhythms of everyday life. They are searching for a more authentic, (even super-natural) lifestyle with family and close friends.

And that’s a good thing! Because that’s how discipleship-true biblical discipleship actually happens. Get started now…

In This Episode of the Lifeschool Podcast You’ll Learn:

  • A working definition of discipleship that will reshape your thinking on this immediately
  • How Jesus lived life with his disciples and what he then hoped/commanded them to do
  • Why a series of 8-10 classes done in a classroom will never produce mature disciples
  • Why an integrated lifestyle “apprenticeship” was Jesus’ model for us
  • What to do if your first attempts at discipleship in community fails

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