Learn a little about Caesar, his passions,
and what makes him tick.


[spir-i-choo-uh l] [ahn-truh-pruh-nur]


A natural catalyst with a passion for creating new things, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

synonyms: storyteller, author, speaker, coach, fire-starter
see also: husband, father, aging rocker, Harley rider

Since we’re both here right now (at least digitally), chances are you’re pretty serious about your family and your faith, and you desire to make a lasting impact on those around you. Me too.

Let’s do this together.

Living a life of purpose with intentionality and confidence can be hard!

I really love my family and my community, but with everything that comes at us in a day, week or year it’s easy to get derailed from our best intentions. It can be hard to set priorities and stay focused on what’s really important. But if you’re like me, you have the proven desire to stay on this journey. (At least most of the time…)

I’m Caesar Kalinowski, a spiritual entrepreneur and mentor. It’s my passion to help those with a high commitment to intentional living in the areas of their family, faith and work acquire the leadership skills and tools necessary to succeed and leave a lasting legacy.

Caesar with ipad at table

I’ve spent close to three decades leading companies and ministries, traveling the world, and learning from some of the best leaders there are. I’ve also made a ton of mistakes that you shouldn’t have to. I want to share with you, step by step, the things I’ve grown in that lead to a life of freedom and success.

Every week I write a new blog and shoot videos that I hope will be of great benefit to you. You can subscribe, for free, to my Youtube Channel so you won’t miss a single episode of my weekly vlog Next Best Time. These short videos are packed with helpful tips, advice and life-hacks in the areas of Family, Food, Faith and Fun.

If you’re interested in coaching, any of the training I offer or to have me speak at your event you can find out more on my Work With Me page.

Other Stuff I Love…

My wife of 32 years, Tina.  My three awesome kids, Caesar, Christin & Justine. My 2009 Harley FLSTN. And we all really seem to dig tattoos. 🙂

Stuff I love


Caesar is the author of the top selling book, The Gospel Primer. His latest books, Transformed and Small is Big, Slow is Fast came out in 2014 published by Zondervan.

He helps those with a high commitment to intentional living in the areas of their family, faith and work acquire the leadership skills and tools necessary to succeed and leave a lasting legacy.

He speaks, trains and writes full-time with the ability to shape the future through new explanation, meaning, story, and ritual.
Caesar is one of founding leaders of Soma Communities and currently serves as the Director of the GCM Collective, an organization that helps catalyze missional community multiplication across North America and around the world. He is a spiritual entrepreneur and an avid storyteller. His background includes communications for Fortune 500 companies, media production, working with youth, and extensive travel in international missions. He has worked in over 20 countries around the world including Sierra Leone, Sudan, Burma, India, Latvia, Norway, Romania and the Czech Republic.

He owned and operated several businesses in and around the Chicagoland area, then pastored at a mega-church before moving to Tacoma, Washington in 2004 to help launch Soma. To date he has owned over a dozen businesses and helped start multiple new faith communities.

Caesar has a Master’s Degree in Global Leadership. His is a certified coach and Coach Trainer via CoachNet.

He has been married to Tina, his high school sweetheart, for 32 years; they have three children, Caesar, Christin and Justine. They recently moved back from Manhattan to Tacoma, WA.