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Lifeschool 122: How to Create a Lifestyle of Discipleship

Is discipleship about gaining knowledge, or is it about a transformed life? Is it a series of classes or, like with Jesus and his pals, was it an all of life kind of a deal? In this episode of Lifeschool, we’re gonna talk about true discipleship and look at what a lifestyle of discipleship looks like when it is all woven into the normal rhythms of your everyday life in community.

how to create a lifestyle of discipleship

Lifeschool 120: What Is Missional? And Why It Scares Most Pastors To Death

We still hear a lot of “missional” talk these days… It’s the sexy phrase in the church world. But what is truly missional? What does it mean, and is your church or small group really all that missional? In this week’s episode of Lifeschool we’ll define it for you–what it is–and is not, and we may pick a few scabs and pour a little salt into some wounds… Let’s get started!

why missional scares most pastors