Living With Intention and Confidence

Lifeschool 156: Does the Gospel Speak to Mental and Physical Health?

Imagine the pastor addressing your congregation’s growing waistlines from the pulpit. Or your faith community helping you heal your fears and past hurts. Is Christianity only about our spiritual health, or does the Gospel speak to mental and physical health as well?

In this episode of the Lifeschool Podcast, we talk about the beautiful results of having and believing in a more holistic gospel… One that speaks into all of life: mind, body, and soul.

gospel speaks to mental and physical health

Lifeschool 155: Is Evangelism Changing in the Church Today?

Have most of us Christians given up on traditional forms of sharing our faith? Let’s be honest… It’s scary to risk things relationally, and the results are often disappointing.

In this episode of the Lifeschool Podcast, we talk about the ways that many Christians experience (or avoid) evangelism. And we ask the question: Is evangelism changing in the church today?

The Consistency of How God Now Sees You

The Secret to a Blue Sky Life

We all experience hard times, relational strife or loss and fear. And it can lead to deep depression and self-doubt. However, there is always one thing present in those times that we can easily forget: the consistency of God.

I travel a lot for ministry and work, and I have for years. A while ago I was on a flight that scared me a little. Not long after take-off we flew up through a dark layer of storm clouds. The plane rocked and jumped from side to side and seemed to struggle as it climbed through the clouds. It was a pretty turbulent few minutes.