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How Do Introverted People Stay Engaged in a Missional Life?

Ask Caesar #4

Welcome to this 4th installment of Ask Caesar. Here’s this week’s question:

“Caesar, this missional lifestyle you write and speak about sounds so awesome, but I’m not an extrovert like you and your wife both seem to be. How do introverts like me fit into this whole missional thing?”

I’m glad you asked that Meg because I hear this a lot and I think it’s an important issue.

First, a little history about these personality types and how they differ.

Extraversion and Introversion are the preferences originally used in a personality inventory created by psychologist Carl Jung in the 1920s. Most people today may be more familiar with these terms in connection with the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory. These terms are unfortunately a bit outmoded, misunderstood and misused in that extraversion is not about being loud or the life of the party and introversion is not about being shy or anti-social.

How To Include Your Kids In a Missional Community

7 Smart Ways To Train Them For Mission

The Church is a family, always has been, and it is vital that we learn how to include everyone in the mission that God has called us to. Even (or especially) our kids.

One of the most often asked questions I get is what to do with kids in a missional, or incarnational community. This can seem tough, but it doesn’t have to be. My answer usually starts off with a few questions: 

How To Lead Your Small Group or Church Toward True Missional Living

Ask Caesar #7

In this episode of Ask Caesar #7, Chris asks the question: “How do I begin to lead my Small Group or church toward true missional living? I want our folks to really live an authentic ‘everyday faith’ in community with others. How do we begin?”

Thanks for asking Chris, I have been EXACTLY where you’re at, and it can seem daunting to say the least!

My wife and I stumbled around this stuff for years too, but now, after living this way, and training others around the world, we’ve found that there are some foundational steps that absolutely cannot be missed. 

Stop Wasting Your Most Valuable Opportunity For Discipleship With Your Kids

You Already Do This Every Day and It's Powerful!

Everyone I know feels maxed out on their schedules and with the commitments they already have. Yet we are all living with a rhythm that provides one of the most valuable and reoccurring opportunities for discipleship in our families: Family dinner.

Family Dinner NightWhat if your family dinners could be re-tooled and repurposed with a new intentionality that made them more fun, more focused and a perfect way to naturally disciple your kids and your selves? Let me show you some things that Team K (my family) and I have learned. [Click Here to get my Leading Your Family & Community on Mission eGuide to help you get started.]