Living With Intention and Confidence

The One Person You Need to Worry About on Mission

Where to Find Them and What to Look Out For

One of the hardest things we often face in discipleship is knowing who specifically we are supposed to be discipling. Is it one special person, or many?

When it comes to forming discipleship relationships, and building healthy missional communities, on many occasions I’ve had people say to me,

I’m not this huge gatherer and people person. I’m not naturally wired to be the life of the party.”

These 3 Things Are True Discipleship Killers

Why Most Christians Are Not Making Disciples

For many of us discipleship either conjures up images of a standardized series of classes we once went through, or it’s this mysterious and foggy image of spiritual practices and a knowledge base to be passed on to others. Either way, most Christians just aren’t doing it.

I’m not even saying that these two common images are biblically accurate, but many find themselves stuck personally or in their attempts to get their churches onboard with discipleship.

How to Pray for Your Child’s Future Spouse

7 Blessings That Every Parent Wants

Consistently praying for your son or daughter’s future spouse is a privilege and it carries with it some pretty awesome blessings.

Tina and I have prayed for our son and two daughters’ potential spouses since they were little, little kids. Now our two oldest, Caesar and Christin, are happily married to amazing people. In both cases we felt God’s favor on that person and their budding relationships right away.  (Click Here to get my Parent’s Prayer Guide)

Why Daddies Should Date Their Daughters

5 Important Things You Need To Know

Listen up fathers out there: if you have the privilege of raising daughters (or a daughter) then you are one lucky fella.

My wife Tina and I have a son and two daughters. We are a very blessed couple. We’ve done a lot of things wrong as parents, but one thing we got right was dating our kids–regularly taking them out on “dates”.
[Click Here to get my “The Perfect Daddy – Daughter Date Checklist”.]