Small Is Big, Slow Is Fast!

If you read my book Transformed–A New Way of Being Christian, you learned about our true, restored identity in Christ and how we now get to live. Now in my new book Small is Big, Slow is Fast, I share with you step by step how to live and lead your family and others on God's mission.   
​Find it here on Amazon.

Missional man podcast

Check out this podcast that I recently recorded with Jonathan Chambers. We talk about our true identity and how we get to live.

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Jesus did not have to come, serve us, and lay down his life. He chose to.…
3 hours ago
@TiMcIntyreNYC Thanks brother. God is good!
3 hours ago
@stanrodda Nashville Journeymen…
20 hours ago
We live in a time when very few Christians have actually been discipled, much less know how to make disciples.
1 day ago
When you divorce your theology from practice, it always will end tragically.