Living With Intention
and Confidence

Afraid to share your faith?

Opinions are changing about what it means to share our faith, or proclaim the gospel. And the debate continues regarding the best methodology, and probably will into the foreseeable future.

But regardless of your methods and motives, one universal reason that many (most) people don’t seem to share their faith very often or in meaningful ways is fear of rejection.

4 Generation Leadership Explosion

As a leader, your time spent developing and equipping the right people can have immediate and expansive results.

Leadership development is really just apprenticeship or discipleship further along the path of faith, knowledge, and skills. Discipleship further up the slope. If you have trained people in such a way that they can now reproduce and train others, in turn producing future leaders, you have the makings of a true movement.

5 Things You Must Do: The Secret To Making Friends Quickly

I have noticed that a lot of folks seem to have lost the art of making friends. Maybe its just a modern culturural phenomenon for everyone, but it sure seems to be the case amongst our tribe.

I get asked all the time how my wife, Tina, and I can have so many friends and deep connections with people. “Oh, you guys must be super extroverted…I guess I’m just not like that.” Nope, that’s not it. We may be more extroverted than some folks, but that’s not why we have a lot of friends.

Let me share our secret to making friends quickly. I’ll break it down into 5 main categories.

The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Got

When it comes to parenting, everyone seems to have advice to give out. Especially on how you should raise your kids. But not their’s so much… I want to pass on a nugget that has proven to be some of the best advice my wife, Tina, and I ever received.

Our kids were a little younger at the time, probably around 3, 5 and 7 years old. And like a lot of parents, we had at least one (all) of our kids who was pretty strong-willed. We were increasingly having to deal with actions and attitudes that required discipline, and some days it seemed like we were running our own little detention center.