Living With Intention and Confidence

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make in Disciple-making!

Are You Setting Your People Up To Win?

Discipleship and mission gets derailed because we forget to begin at the beginning or “begin to begin again”. I can’t believe how many times I’ve made this huge mistake in my disciple-making and development of leaders. [You can avoid this!]

A disciple-making analogy: You take your kids out to your garage, let’s say they are ages 8, 10 and 12 years old. And out there you show them a catalog with a picture of a beautiful armoire or large wooden cabinet.

Super detailed and inlayed and gorgeous! Next to the armoire is a stack of very nice wood and veneers and there are lathes and table saws. Every kind of woodworking tool imaginable. Then you tell your kids to get after it and start making armoires. Maybe a dresser or two while they’re at it.

But here’s the problem: they have never been taught how to make furniture or build cabinets. They were never apprenticed into these types of skills.

Jumpstarting, Restarting or Resurrecting Your Missional Community

3 Important Rhythms and a Tool For Each

Authentic faith lived in a vibrant missional community can be a hard thing to find, create and maintain. There comes a time for all of us when we may need to look at jumpstarting or re-starting some of the basics.

Whether it’s the busyness of holidays, the start of a new year, or things have just sort of fizzled out, there a few simple yet intentional rhythms you can dive into that can make all the difference and will get you and your missional community back on track.

Want a Crazy Early Jumpstart on 2017?

3 Things to Avoid and 5 Treasures to Measure

If you are a little freaked at how quickly 2016 has flown by, join the club. The Home Depot has had Christmas lights up for 6 weeks already, yikes!

Have you had an amazing year of accomplishing all that you hoped for? Or has procrastination, lack of clarity and election fatigue thrown you off course a little?

caesarkalinowski-comLearning and Relearning a Few Things

Our team has been meeting this week working on goals and plans for 2017. My mind and prayers are soaring with the possibilities the New Year holds for life and mission.

An Astonishing Lesson in Gratitude I’ll Never Forget

What I learned from a Sudanese boy with nothing...

Lately I have been thinking about all the things I have to be grateful for in my life, but I have also noticed how many things I seem to complain about–most of which are not really a big deal.

Most of which are truly 1st-world issues that I’ll bet 2/3 of the people on this planet never really worry about. I’ll complain about a toilet that’s running…again… and then be reminded of how many people in the world lack sanitation and would say, “you own a toilet–of your own?!”