Small Is Big, Slow Is Fast!

If you read my book Transformed–A New Way of Being Christian, you learned about our true, restored identity in Christ and how we now get to live. Now in my new book Small is Big, Slow is Fast, I share with you step by step how to live and lead your family and others on God's mission.   Find it here on Amazon.

Are You a Missionary...?

Here is a blog post I did for 3DM. Check it out and see if you are really a missionary.
1 day ago
Rare leadership opp w/ @HughHalter and I: The Journeymen… register here:…
6 days ago
Are you casting a vision for your church or city that's big enough for everyone to fit their visions within it? #BigGospel
6 days ago
@brianpetak It was a blast being with you and all of your killer team! Thx again. Let's talk soon!
2 weeks ago
I wanna be like @dave_rhodes when I grow up!
2 weeks ago
We need to expect growth & multiplication in community while letting everyone involved know that grieving is normal #SmallIsBig