Living With Intention and Confidence

One Way To Help Your Kids Be Less Picky at the Table

Beans and Rice as Attitude Adjustment

If you’re part of a family, you’ve faced it: Picky eaters. And it may be the picky eater in your family stares back at you from the mirror each day! My children weren’t crazy picky about their food, but they sure liked to complain about it.

Recalibrating Our Entitlement Mentality

I did a lot of traveling internationally when my kids were younger. It was not uncommon for God to take me into a warzone or natural disaster for weeks at a time. The things I saw, smelled, tasted–and at times ate–left profound impressions on my life in regards to having an entitlement mentality.

The Gospel Is Not: “You Suck and You’re Gonna Pay For It!”

And Christianity Is Not About Sin Management

If you’re struggling with finding joy in your Christian walk or have a low desire to live on mission and share your faith with others, it may be that you have been taught, and are believing­, a very small Gospel.

Christianity is not about sin management and the Good News is not just good news about your afterlife. Let me unpack this for you, stick with me, you’ll love this.

Is Your Parenting Style Transactional or Grace-based?

Grace Gives Freedom and Choice

Many of us find our parenting style too often mirrors the ways we were raised by our own parents. And this is not always a good thing.

My wife, Tina, and I were raised in pretty similar ways. If we had to name the style of parenting our parents often used we would call it “transactional”. Every desire or action–even our emotions–was connected to a certain requirement or response based on the “value” of what it was we desired. Or avoided. 

Are You Wasting Time Developing the Wrong People?

Developing Yeast in the Dough Instead of Raising Crops

I’ve spent decades discipling and developing leaders. While there has certainly been fruit and multiplication, for years it seemed that the amount of effort I was putting into training up leaders wasn’t yielding a proportionate harvest. Have you ever felt this way?

In my earliest experiences with starting missional communities and planting churches, I learned that I had to keep my eye on the prize of ongoing leadership development. It had to remain a high priority. We equipped everyone in community in the same way as we tried to raise a new crop of leaders.