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Ask Caesar #3

You Really Can Balance Missional Life and Family Life

Everyone I know seems busier than ever. Work, car pools, school and life in general all seem to be at odds with living a lifestyle of discipleship and mission. In a very real way these things are all competing for the same hours and minutes each day.

One of my readers, Dale, wrote asking, “I’m trying to learn how to integrate my missional life with my family life – balancing family time with discipling in community; how do I do that without killing my family or never really living on mission in community with others?”

Want to stop sinning? Here’s how to get started.

4 Eternal Truths About God That Changes Us

Where does sin come from? Why do we still sin even after we have acknowledged something as sin, and perhaps, repented of it over and over?

I cannot believe I did that again!

My friend and author Tim Chester shared this with a group of us and it forever changed my view of sin.

“Sinful acts always have their origin in some form of unbelief–behind every sin is a lie. The root of all our behavior and emotions is the heart, what it trusts and what it treasures. People are given over to sinful desires because ‘they exchanged the truth of God for a lie.”

Surprise! You Are the Missionary In Your Neighborhood

Christians Are All Full-time, Fully-funded Missionaries

There are all kinds of people with varying beliefs living around us. Some of them we notice and some of them we never see. But I can guarantee you one thing for sure. There is a missionary living in your neighborhood.

Growing up as part of the church, there was huge map in the lobby where we worshipped on Sundays–a map of the world with pins all over it. Each pin corresponding to an 8×10 picture next to the map.