Living With Intention and Confidence

Gospel Fluency: A Relational Game-changer!

Learn to Speak, Live and Enjoy the Good News in Every Area of Life

There’s this crazy thing that most of us Christians live with (I know I did…) where we have a hard time sharing our faith or even speaking to other Christians about their sin without feeling like a jerk or fearing their rejection.

A relational killer!

Have you ever wished you could share your Christian faith with others… in a more natural way, without feeling awkward or preachy?

The Gospel Is Not Just About Your Afterlife

And Christianity Is Not About Sin Management

If you’re struggling with finding joy in your Christian walk or have a low desire to live on mission and share your faith with others, it may be that you have been taught, and are believing­, a very small Gospel.

Christianity is not about sin management and the Good News is not just good news about your afterlife. Let me unpack this for you, stick with me, you’ll love this.

How to Share Your Faith in a Non-creepy Way

Good News That's Actually Good News

If you’re like most people I know, you probably don’t share your faith all that often. It can feel creepy or just plain awkward, and there’s always that fear of rejection.

People say to me: “I think my friends may be more open to what I’m learning about God, but I really don’t know how to articulate what I believe...” OR “I rarely talk to friends or co-workers about my faith because I don’t want them to feel like I’m cramming it down their throats...” (Whatever that means?)

Here’s a cool way to share your faith that has never been weird or received poorly by others when I’ve done it like this. 

Who Broke the Missional Movement?

The Biggest Thing Keeping Churches from Effectiveness

About a decade ago, the “missional movement” promised to transform the Church and make loads of new disciples. It was supposed to break down barriers in our culture, stopping the decline of church attendance nationwide. So who broke the missional movement?

Unfortunately, the answer may be closer than we think.