Living With Intention and Confidence

Shifting Your Small Groups to Vibrant Missional Communities

A Proven Way to Move to a More Incarnational Focus

Around the world thousands of churches have loads of people involved in what we’ve come to know as “small groups”. And that’s a good thing. But often these groups can become very inward focused–not a lot of outward or missional impulse. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Shifting your small groups to missional communities is much more than a name change. It’s much more than a weekly meeting (of mostly Christians) and it’s not just a monthly service project added in and called “mission”. 

Why Missional Community Will Never Work in Your Context

Ask Caesar #5

In this installment of “Ask Caesar” I answer the question of why a missional community will fail in your context. It’s a question I get asked A LOT, one that is most often put to me, though, as an objection. It usually sounds something like this…

“I think that missional community life probably works great where you live, but you don’t understand my context. People are different here… they’ll never have you into their homes, or come over to your place. Folks are just too busy or not open to relationship like this in our city.” 

How Our Family Really Learned To Pull Together

Team K (my family) Extending God's Family Life To Others

Wouldn’t it be great if our families (your’s and mine) lived in such a way that we actually showed what God’s original idea for family was–and his true heart for everyone? Yes it would…and it can!

I’m not much of a sports guy and never really have been. I tried my hand at various sports as a kid and while in middle and high school, but alas, I had neither the genes nor ambition to be very good or super-competitive at sports. Now my son, on the other hand, is more of a natural athlete—especially when compared to me.

Is The Church Guilty of False Advertising?

Living As The Good News

Why do so many people–more and more it seems–wanting little or nothing to do with a local church? And often just telling someone that you’re a Christian can be a deal-breaker. They seem to shy away or fear us.

Why is that? Are people rejecting the Church? Are they rejecting Jesus or the good news of the gospel? What if it’s not so much any of these and what people are having a problem with is false advertising on our parts?