Living With Intention and Confidence

Is The Church Guilty of False Advertising?

Living As The Good News

Why do so many people–more and more it seems–wanting little or nothing to do with a local church? And often just telling someone that you’re a Christian can be a deal-breaker. They seem to shy away or fear us.

Why is that? Are people rejecting the Church? Are they rejecting Jesus or the good news of the gospel? What if it’s not so much any of these and what people are having a problem with is false advertising on our parts? 

How to Pray for Your Child’s Future Spouse

7 Blessings That Every Parent Wants

Consistently praying for your son or daughter’s future spouse is a privilege and it carries with it some pretty awesome blessings.

Tina and I have prayed for our son and two daughters’ potential spouses since they were little, little kids. Now our two oldest, Caesar and Christin, are happily married to amazing people. In both cases we felt God’s favor on that person and their budding relationships right away. 

Should You Focus on Discipleship or Evangelism? Yes.

Jesus’ Example and Commands Here May Surprise You

The thought of going out and evangelizing people can seem like something scary and uncomfortable. Most folks I know would prefer to avoid it altogether. And none of us love the “bullhorn” guy who stands on the street and hollers at people to repent. Ick.

But how does anyone come to trust and love Jesus if they don’t know him or have not heard and experienced the truth about him? (Romans 10:14)

Yet interestingly, Jesus’ command in Matthew 28 was actually to go and make disciples who make disciples. Nothing mentioned here about evangelism.

So which is it, which is more important: discipleship or evangelism?

How Do Introverted People Stay Engaged in a Missional Life?

Ask Caesar #4

Welcome to this 4th installment of Ask Caesar. Here’s this week’s question:

“Caesar, this missional lifestyle you write and speak about sounds so awesome, but I’m not an extrovert like you and your wife both seem to be. How do introverts like me fit into this whole missional thing?”

I’m glad you asked that Meg because I hear this a lot and I think it’s an important issue.

First, a little history about these personality types and how they differ.

Extraversion and Introversion are the preferences originally used in a personality inventory created by psychologist Carl Jung in the 1920s. Most people today may be more familiar with these terms in connection with the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory. These terms are unfortunately a bit outmoded, misunderstood and misused in that extraversion is not about being loud or the life of the party and introversion is not about being shy or anti-social.