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Lifeschool 105: How to Measure The Success Of Your Church

No one sets out to have or lead an unhealthy church or ministry. But often we find ourselves stuck in a loop of numbers and metrics that we may have inherited or are imposed on us by the “higher-ups”.  In this episode we discuss how Jesus’ ministry career would measure up to current ministry standards and performance reviews.

Measure Success of Church

Jesus was immeasurably the most successful person in human history. In every way. Yet, if we were to measure his lifetime effectiveness using today’s current standards, he would probably find it hard to get hired on at most churches. Get started now…

Lifeschool 104: Sneaky Strategies For Raising Great Kids

Guest: Author Jay Payleitner

Do you feel like it is difficult to carve out time specifically for your kids when your life is so busy? On this Episode, Caesar and Heath chat with Jay Payleitner–best-selling author and nationally recognized expert on parenting.

Strategies for raising great kids

Discover how to make time to enter into your child’s world, no matter how busy your schedule may be. Get started now…

Lifeschool 103: How To Beat The Fear Of Rejection

3 Steps to Start on Now

Why do we fear rejection and often times feel like weirdos when we try to talk about spiritual topics or even come close to ‘sharing our faith’?  In this episode of the Lifeschool Podcast Caesar and Heath discuss the main reasons people get so scared and freaked out.

Beat the Fear of Rejection

We’ll also give 3 Quick Tips that you can use to change that forever. Get started now…