Living With Intention and Confidence

Jumpstarting, Restarting or Resurrecting Your Missional Community

The pressure is off and you can begin again!

There comes a time for all of us when we need to look at jumpstarting, re-starting or resurrecting our missional community.

Whether it’s the end of the summer blues, the start of a new year, or things have just sort of fizzled out, there a few simple yet intentional rhythms you can dive into that can make all the difference and will get you and your community back on track.

What Are the New Measurements of a Successful Church?

10 Benchmarks of a Healthy Missional Church

No one sets out to have or lead an unhealthy church or ministry. But often we find ourselves stuck in a loop of numbers and metrics that we may have inherited or are imposed on us by the “higher-ups”.

The 3 Bs

For a long time now, churches have often or only measured three things I call the “3Bs”: Butts (attendance on Sunday); Building size; and Budgets. Hmmm… I wonder how Jesus’ ministry career would measure up to these three benchmarks?

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How to Stop Loving Stuff and Start Loving People

Where Are The Treasures of Your Heart?

Being blessed with material wealth, things like a nice home and decorations, cars, clothing and mountains of electronics, is great. I’ve been given all of these things in my life and I’m grateful. But at times, some of these “good things” become “the things” that I begin to worship or protect, in a sense, forgetting what is truly important.

This Could Be Me…This Could Be You

After living in community for a while in Tacoma I met an older couple, not yet retired, but getting close to that stage of life. They were really cool folks who loved food, wine and riding motorcycles. What’s not to like?

One Way To Help Your Kids Be Less Picky at the Table

Beans and Rice as Attitude Adjustment

If you’re part of a family, you’ve faced it: Picky eaters. And it may be the picky eater in your family stares back at you from the mirror each day! My children weren’t crazy picky about their food, but they sure liked to complain about it.

Recalibrating Our Entitlement Mentality

I did a lot of traveling internationally when my kids were younger. It was not uncommon for God to take me into a warzone or natural disaster for weeks at a time. The things I saw, smelled, tasted–and at times ate–left profound impressions on my life in regards to having an entitlement mentality.