Lifeschool 155: Is Evangelism Changing in the Church Today?

Have most of us Christians given up on traditional forms of sharing our faith? Let’s be honest… It’s scary to risk things relationally, and the results are often disappointing.

In this episode of the Lifeschool Podcast, we talk about the ways that many Christians experience (or avoid) evangelism. And we ask the question: Is evangelism changing in the church today?

Many people still associate evangelism with a Billy Graham approach, door-to-door soul winning, or strategic speeches that “share the Gospel”.  But what if the biblical precedent was more of a normal day-to-day rhythm?

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In This Episode of the Lifeschool Podcast You’ll Learn:

  • What “evangelism” really is and what it looked and sounded like in the Bible.
  • Why evangelism and discipleship were never meant to be two separate activities or practices.
  • How discipleship must include ongoing evangelism for Believers and unbelievers alike.
  • Your responsibility when it comes to evangelism.
  • How the Good News of the gospel speaks into all of life…not just our ‘sin problem’.

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