Lifeschool 151: Date to Mate: How to Avoid Unhealthy Relationship Threats

After 30+ years of marriage that includes the raising of three healthy, Christian adult children, Caesar (and his wife Tina) have learned some valuable lessons to pass on to your kids–or live by yourself–when it comes to creating relationships that last.

In this episode of the Lifeschool Podcast, we’ll help parents and their kids understand the important differences between dating, courtship, engagement, and marriage. This will help you avoid untold, unhealthy relationship threats.

how to avoid unhealthy relationship

God has given us marriage as a gift and blessing! And his desire has always been to show what he is really like in the world and magnify his image and glory–not ours. Trusting in his timing for his purpose is the beginning of a long and healthy relationship.

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In This Episode of the Lifeschool Podcast You’ll Learn:

  • Simple distinctions between dating and courtship. (And it doesn’t look like marriage-lite!)
  • The real purpose of an engagement period prior to marriage.
  • 7 key areas of married life that should be addressed before setting the “date”.
  • How marriage is a powerful picture of the Gospel.
  • Why biblical marriage is between a man and a woman.

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