Lifeschool 136: Why You Need to Get to Know the Holy Spirit

If you are unsure of what or exactly who the Holy Spirit is, then this episode is for you.

Today on the Lifeschool podcast, we talk about this least known and most misunderstood member of the Trinity, and we’ll show you why you need to get to know the Holy Spirit.

Depending on your upbringing or past church experience, you may be “all about” the Spirit… or you may see the Holy Spirit as the weird uncle of the Trinity; he shows up once in awhile to utter some strange words, and you sorta politely wait for him to leave.

Get started now…

In This Episode of the Lifeschool Podcast You’ll Learn:

  • Who the Holy Spirit is (a person).
  • The role the Spirit played throughout scripture.
  • How Jesus was led and empowered his entire ministry by the Spirit.
  • Why most pastors try and assume the role that the Spirit should have in their churches.
  • Natural ways to begin to have a daily relationship with the Holy Spirit.

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