Lifeschool 123: How to Pump Up Your Missional Community

Feeling like your church small group or supposed “missional community” is a bit of a dud? They can often times get stuck as just a weekly meeting and never really become the intentional, life-on-life, daily experience they are meant to be. (Or can be!) In this episode of Lifeschool we talk about how to pump up your group and breathe new life into things.

your missional community

In our last episode on Lifeschool #122 Caesar started telling the story of how he and his wife Tina, and some of their friends, first tried out this “missional community” stuff. And how it failed pretty miserably. If you missed that episode, pause this one and go back and hear episode #122 now first, and then come back and pick up the story here…

[SPOILER ALERT] Things got better!

Get started now…

In This Episode of the Lifeschool Podcast You’ll Learn:

  • How to establish predictable patterns in the life of your community
  • How Jesus balanced his time and priorities as he lived with his disciples
  • Ways to have a deeper connection with God and the gospel in your group
  • How to start living much more like a family rather than just a mid-week meeting
  • What to expect when you begin to change things

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