Story Sets

Storyformed Way

The Story-formed Way was designed to both lead people through the basics of the Gospel and provide a foundational structure for the key doctrines of Christianity.

It is a discipleship set of narratives designed to introduce participants to major themes of the Bible and the entire “redemptive arc” found throughout scripture.

If you are taking a mixed group of believers and unbelievers through it you will better establish the believers in the foundations and show them how to have Gospel conversations with not-yet-believers.

The Story-Formed Way is a 10-part set of narratives and dialogues. It is designed to be experienced in communities of 6-20 people in a casual environment like your home or apartment.

Download The Storyformed Way Leaders’ Guide

Story of God for Kids

This story set is designed to be used as a family (of all ages) as a daily/weekly devotional tool designed to teach the overarching story of God as found throughout the entire Bible.

You will interact with these stories as a way to understand, experience and connect with God through his Story as a family. This set of narratives is adapted by Soma Communities from the original story sets created by Caesar Kalinowski and Michael Novelli.

Download The Story of God for Kids