Living With Intention and Confidence

Why You Should Stop Hiding Your Imperfections

How Letting Your Redemption Show Builds Trust

Scripture and virtually all of history have shown us that if there is one thing we have most in common with every other human being, it’s our sinful nature. No one is perfect, not by a long shot.

Yet, usually we let other’s sins define them–and divide us–when in fact we are all sinners in need of the same Savior. We’re all dying, literally, and in need of rescue.

Lifeschool 110: How a Better Understanding of the Gospel Transforms Your Life

For many of us our Christianity and faith is focused primarily on our afterlife. And we spend years wondering, “Is this all there is to THIS life? Is this all that Jesus came to give us here and now?” The answer is an emphatic NO! What we need is a much bigger understanding of the gospel, one that touches every part of our lives.

better understanding gospel transforms life

How does the gospel speak into our marriages and parenting, our finances and identity? Is there good news about my job and time management in there too?

My Top 20 Book List

Life-long Learning Includes Reading the Best Books!

Top 20 Books List ReadingHere is my suggested Top 20 Book List…right now. I could have listed a lot more in each category, but these will keep you busy for a while. Some are classics; some are newer on my list.

I am not 100% in agreement with every word in every book. But I have found all of these to be informative, challenging and very helpful in causing me to think and consider new ways of “being” and living. These books are not all by Christian authors; don’t let that hinder your mining for gold here.

I have put these books under categories of life and growth that are important to me, and maybe you too. I try to read a new book in each category every year.